Where host and au pair find each other

Our objective is placement: the Au Pair Portal is provided by the KJB (Catholic youth group) to give girls and Catholic families the opportunity to find one another. Providing information below allows for the assessment of expectations and needs, which is why we request answers to all the questions.

After examining a family’s request, and ensuring that it has an appropriate spiritual life (primarily that it follows Christian principles and attends Sunday Mass with the SSPX), we will approve it. On the other hand, access to the password-protected online platform is given securely to girls from Catholic tradition. At this point, we consider our work completed.

Ultimately, it is essential that all applicants are accountable and hold themselves responsible for the decision made to accept an au pair or family. While we do our best to facilitate a good match, we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise. We do not assume responsibility for any negative experiences that may occur, although we do take steps to prevent such situations from arising and are welcome to any feedback or suggestions for improvement.

Application for host families

Looking for an au pair and would like to introduce your family? Then please feel free to fill out the application form. Your personal data will be treated confidentially and will only be shared in case of direct inquiries from potential au pairs.
Application for host families.

Application for Au-Pair girl

Looking for a Catholic host family? Then register to get an overview of the registered families.
Application for Au-Pair girls


If you have any questions, feedback, or other comments regarding the Au Pair portal, do not hesitate to contact us.